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Saint Brigid of Kildare was a 5th Century Irish nun and brewer who is one of the country’s three patron saints. Not only is Saint Brigid known as one of the patron saints of beer, she is said to have had a close friendship with another Irish patron saint that we associate with beer, Saint Patrick.

The story of Saint Brigid goes that one day, while working in a leper colony, she discovered to her horror that the colony had run out of beer. Back in her time, water sources close to villages and towns were often polluted to the point where consumption would often result in death, so beer made from tainted water was often a [mostly] germ free alternative to quench thirsts.

Channeling a little divine intervention, she answered the prayers of the thirsty lepers under her care by using the water that they used to bathe and brewed not just any beer, but a genuinely brilliant beer that was enjoyed safely by one and all. According to legend, Brigid brewed enough to share with the colony and had enough left over to supply 18 churches (all from a single barrel) where it help clergy endure the long fasting period of the Lenten season, just as Dopplebock did with Bavarian monks centuries later.

Brigid Draught Services does some channeling of our own when it comes to making sure that your beer is clean, fresh and healthy, just as Saint Brigid did centuries ago. Helping you serve the cleanest beer available is the hallmark of our service.

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